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Project Description

Fancy riding a horse on the beach?

Experience riding along the picturesque Aldinga Beach on our beautiful horses with stunning views of hills during the day and glorious sunsets in the evening. As you’re riding along, your private beach ride will take the horses paddling in the water and hear the splash of the ocean under their hooves. What an experience. Our beach rides operate 5 days a week Tuesday to Saturday, 3 times a day for 1 hour private tours.

We are committed to providing you with a memorable experience on our well trained horses. Our private beach rides cater for 2 riders per tour suitable for couples, friends, family and proposals. We provide helmets for all riders and cater for all ages. Westwood Park hold a permit provided from the ‘City of Onkaparinga Council’ to conduct theses rides along Aldinga Beach. We respect the environment and conduct our rides to create  the least impact to our beautiful beach we are so lucky to use.

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